Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Note from your Mother

Hollywood is a tough town. You face constant rejection. You work a job that pays little and is far from intellectually stimulating. After rent, food and utilities, you have just enough money left over for "entertainment" -- smuggling a 12-pack of Bud Light into a midnight showing of "Grease" at the second-run movie theater at Fairfax/Beverly.

With this in mind, Temp X is going to play the role of your mother today and offer you a few words of encouragement. Just make sure to thank me when you win an Academy Award.

Hey Kiddo-

How's life in Tinseltown? You sounded a little down when we talked last weekend. Sorry the audition didn't go well. It's their loss. Just keep on keepin' on. We're sending good vibes your way. One of these days you'll get that break.

How is your temporary work going? It's neat that you're working at NBC. Have you run into Jay Leno in the cafeteria? If you ever do, tell him I really like when he does "Headlines" but I'm not too keen on that "Ross the Intern." He bothers me.

I ran into your 4th grade teacher Mrs. Elston the other day. She asked how you were doing. I told her you were off in Hollywood chasing the dream. She said she "wasn't surprised" and remembered how you stole the show when your class did "Our Town." We still have a video tape of that around here. I can send it to you if you want. You can show it at your interviews. Gosh that was a fun show. I was so proud of you. And remember we went to Shakey's after the show, and you spilled root beer on the pizza but ate it anyway?

I'm off to the drug store to get Advil and a heating pad for your father. He tweaked his back raking the leaves, so now he's on the couch watching golf. That Tiger Woods is something else.

Well, keep your chin up. Just know we're proud of you no matter what happens. Because even if they don't love you, we do. Enjoy the brownies.


P.S. I told Mrs. Elston you'd send her a "Face Shot"(isn't that what the call those pictures you have?) I hope that's ok.

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