Thursday, March 24, 2011

Celebrity Gossip from Temp Z

GOSSIP ITEM #1: So many people decry movie remakes saying things like, "they're lame, uncreative moves by risk-averse studio executives" or "I didn't like that movie 20 years ago.  Give me one reason why I should see it this time."  Sure those statements are true, but we overlook the good things, like they bring generations of Hollywood together in a passing of the celebrity torch.  But then there are those who won't go so quietly into the good night.

Recently, the past and present stars of an upcoming Hollywood retread got together for a promotional shoot.  The whole thing seemed kosher until the final product was revealed.  That's when it hit the fan and calls for a re-shoot began.  So what was the problem?  Was the lighting bad?  Was the sound quality off?  Did they forget the film?  Nope, nope and nope.  Turns out the star of the original wasn't happy how he looked in the promo materials for the remake.  Some people just need to loosen up.

GOSSIP ITEM #2: And then there's the dirt everyone loves, wondering about people's sexuality.  No one has ever questioned the preference of this actress with girl next door good looks.  In fact, she's had a well-documented relationship with a known actor.  Furthermore, her religion frowns upon dalliances with the same team.  That's why it was surprising when this woman recently made overtures toward another actress.  Maybe she has a secret she'll reveal down the road?

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