Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make your own Nikki Finke

Not Nikki Finke
So much going on in the world of Nikki Finke. She's turned journalism on its ear by rerunning press releases at a record clip (91 since 1/1/11).  She's busy with the Jobs section of her site ("Coming Soon" since 2009).  And now, the only person with fewer known photos than blues legend Robert Johnson is in the news for...gasp...having her picture taken.

It appears that News Corp's The Daily has a secured current snapshot of the old bird.  The wrinkle is she doesn't want it out there.  Was it a bad hair day?  Anyway, according to The Wrap, she's so cheesed off about this picture that lawyers are getting involved.  Only in Hollywood could something so inane garner any attention.

All this got me thinking: since no one knows what the Grand Dame looks like, let's guess.  Here's the plan:
Not Robert Johnson
  • Create your best idea of what the Darling Nikki looks like now -- a drawing, age-enhanced picture, ice sculpture or whatever you'd like.
  • When you're done, take a picture/screen capture of it and email it to me at
  • I'll post my favorites on the site.
That's pretty much it.  There's no deadline.  No competition.  Just do it whenever it strikes your fancy.  If you need something to draw on, I've added a drawing pad below.  [Tip: If you use the drawing pad, take a screen shot because there's no "Save" feature.] Or here are two sites that allow you to email your artwork directly -- FotoFlexer for photos or Imagination Cubed for drawings.

Now get to scribbling.

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You should have posted a press release about this news.

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