Thursday, February 10, 2011

$10 if you know the Nikki Finke impersonator

Gawker's offering $1,000 to anyone who has a recent picture of Nikki.  "Mr. Retraction" Richard Johnson tried to cash in on that bounty, but it appears this isn't Nikki after all.  So now all we have is a photo of a woman driving a Yaris.

This leaves us with one important question, "Who is this woman?" I want to know.  So if you know this woman, if you know someone who knows her or if you are this woman, please contact me.  My budget isn't the same as Gawker's but I very much want the scoop.  Please contact me at with any info you might have.

And remember, there's a 10-spot in it if deliver this woman's name and can put me in contact with her.

Have you seen me?

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