Monday, June 7, 2010

Nikki Finke won't stop plugging show based on Nikki Finke

So first Darling Nikki gets $14 million and returns the favor by sleeping through the biggest news story in the industry.  Then she decides to take a load off and simply write headlines but no story (42 days and counting).  The worm has turned yet again as this former "world-class journalist" (Penske's words) has decided to cover breaking news that a TV shoot somewhere in LA screws up traffic.

Breaking News: Traffic jams in Culver City don't involve cars!

Now you might say this is just a poor editorial decision to cover Culver City traffic.  But when you peel off the layers of this onion, it offers another metaphor I'll remember later.  For the TV show/cause of the back-up is Tilda -- the upcoming HBO program about a "feared" Hollywood blogger.  Yes, this is the same Tilda show for which Nikki is reported to be receiving a per-episode consultants fee from HBO.  Conflictofinterestsayswhat?

And this is far from a one-time event. has written about this show six times in the last eleven days.  By way of comparison, Darling Nikki's site has covered the upcoming SAG/AFTRA contract discussions only once during that same period.

Is this what Penske meant when he said Nikki has "changed the game" of entertainment journalism?

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