Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plug Me: The Twentyfirsters

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Plug Me -- the new feature that allows you to freely promote your latest project/upcoming album/show appearance/etc.  This came through the other day from one of my loyal readers.  So check it out.  Support your fellow starving artists.

If you're interested in your own plug, send all the details to and you too might achieve Internet immortality.  [For more info about Plug Me, read this post.]

The Twentyfirsters, a new novel from Kekoa Lake

"There's no such thing as safety in numbers."

A fugitive mercenary secretly witnesses a superhero commit murder and cover it up. Adopting a masked identity and using his own talents, he sets out to expose the "hero" by infiltrating the Twentyfirsters, the super team of which the murderer is a member. It's The Departed meets The Avengers.

Now available for download at • Find the author @KekoaLake on Twitter

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