Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have you read Therapy Corner recently?

Don't tell me if you've whacked anyone.
Who knew that so many people were stuck in so many absurd situations and needed to vent just a little?  Ok, maybe I did.  But that's because I'm in the same boat.  That's precisely why I started Therapy Corner.  Check it out.  Bask in the fun.  Feel free to post your own tales of woe.  Here are some of my favorite postings over the last few months...

"I change my boss's gigantic paraplegic dog's diaper every two hours." 

"For Mother's Day, my boss asked me to buy a present for his wife and to make sure I get her SOMETHING PERSONAL. Then he asked me to write the card...."

"My boss is such a douche that he actually said today 'FUCK RECYCLING don't ever hand me anything double sided again.'"

My boss is asleep on the couch as she took too many pills and has become too tired to work today and every other day... 

"A superior has me recreate fake plate registration stickers for his car which is out of the country. the savings must be huge."

I have to wait until my boss gets off a "conference call" before leaving... it's 7:05 p.m., and she's still talking about what she's doing this weekend

And if that doesn't help you feel slightly better about your situation, there's always Dr. Feelgood.  The song.  Not a drug peddler.  Come on.  What do you take me for?

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