Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nikki Finke's journalistic repertoire expands to writing headlines, forgetting to write story

Darling Nikki does a lot of things half-ass on her site.  For example, it's been at least six months since she started promising a "Jobs" section as well as "Premium Content."  As you can clearly see, these two areas use the fantastically ambiguous "Coming Soon" label.  Carl Sagan might disagree with my assessment and say that "Soon" is perfectly adequate term because 180 days is merely a blip in the 14 billion year history of the universe.  That's a debate I'm willing to enter.  And then there's all her conjecture about pending doom at The Wrap, only to ignore yesterday's announcement that they secured $2 million in financing.  But what has my knickers in a twist today is Nikki's new style of journalism -- headline writing but skipping the story.

Now I know wire services do this for breaking news.  They'll say things like "Snooki Gets Into Another Bar Fight" and then say "Story Developing."  But in a matter of minutes, this will be followed by a series of Write-Thrus (that's newspaper talk) to document the details of a drunken brawl involving America's Favorite Lilliputian.  Nikki turns this convention on its head where she now just writes headlines like the ones you'll see below and then leaves them there for at least 14 hours with no additional information.

She apparently forgot to check yesterday's The Hollywood Reporter for their coverage on both the Bergstein and Chipmunks story.

I'm sure she'll get around to it "Soon."

14 hours later.  Still no story.


Anonymous said...

Normally, I'm not a fan of these rants. I guess I don't really get it being an east-coaster, but this one was different. This is a legitimate complaint, and no way to run a serious website.

Can I put in a request for blind item gossip, and 3 lies and 1 truth? It's been awhile since you did either one, and they're some of my favorite features of your blog, which I think is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, by rant I meant when you go after Nikki Finke, and complaint I meant what you said about her and the way she runs her site. I love your site and have never had a complaint.

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