Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hollywood Dictionary: Volume 18

And now, more from the Hollywood Dictionary...

A General: In a town where everyone believes they're in charge, you'd think that this might have some connection to a military hierarchy.  For example, "My boss is acting like a General again.  When will she learn that she has the same impact on Hollywood as the subway does to traffic on the 101?  That is to say, none at all."  But you'd be wrong.  A General is simply a meeting where an aspiring Hollywooder (writer, director, etc.) meets with a producer or network/studio executive to discuss their background and projects.  If all goes well, the aforementioned executive might hire that person some day.  Generals happen all the time.  The hiring...not so much.

Going Out With It:  What do Rosie O'Donnell, Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Martin have in common?  If you guessed "None of them can sing, no matter how hard they try," you're right.  Oh they also, finally and mercifully came out of the closet.  But the term "Going out with it" actually has nothing to do with revealing your sexuality to the millions of people who already knew and didn't care.  It actually means that a script has been spell-checked to the point that your agent is ready send it to producers or network/studio executives.  Once these execs get their hands on said document, they might just buy it.  Of course they'll still re-write the hell out of it and shoe-horn in countless product placements.  But a sale is a sale.

Encore:  When I saw David Lee Roth play the Hollywood (FL) Sportatorium in 1986 he did a lot of things.  He gyrated, he swore, he even rode a giant, inflatable microphone (see below at 2:28 - 2:31).  But one thing he didn't do is play a song from his main set during the encore.  He knows that the public will savor a performance of "Yankee Rose" if he plays it once.  If he plays it twice, the audience gets annoyed because they'd rather him play "Hot for Teacher."  TV execs haven't yet grasped this concept.  As a result, networks like the CW will air a re-run (or as they call it "Encore") of America's Next Top Model three days after its initial broadcast.  They obviously think using a French word makes it more palatable.  Do you think they know a croque monsieur is a ham and cheese sandwich?

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