Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Terrible Twos

It's been two years since the tiny, little blog that couldn't became the slightly less tiny, little blog that couldn't.  Yep, the Temp Diaries has reached another birthday.  Yippie.  So let's reflect on this momentous occasion with one of my favorite features -- Temp Diaries by the numbers.

Let us also hope no one else complains of irritable bowel syndrome.  I can't handle starting another blog.

24 -- Months of the Temp Diaries
3 -- Months during this period that Temp X has had full-time employment
8 -- Number of Xs (Temp, Yenta, Che Equis, Vamp, Donnie, Brown List, King, Bowtie)
72 -- Amount in dollars I've spent on the site
42 -- Percent of total spending that went to sponsoring the beer pong team
1 -- New York Times articles about the Temp Diaries
541 -- Total postings I've written
5 -- Postings I've written under the influence (guess which ones)
6,800,000,000 -- Total world population as of December 2009
6,799,999,997 -- Total people (including me) who accurately predicted the failure of Jay Leno at 10 p.m.  (The dissenters -- Jeff Zucker, Ben Silverman and Jay Leno).
9,013 -- Amount in dollars I've received in unemployment since starting the site
1 -- Execs who cried after finding out they made the "Least Liked" category of the Brown List
6 -- Unsolicited submissions for the 2010 Brown List (voting begins September 2010)
0 -- Paid vacation days I've taken/am eligible for
16 -- Days until I receive employer-sponsored health insurance (first time in 5 years)
3 -- Imitators that have emerged (, Sparkly Temp Diaries, Anonymous PA Blog)
22,100 -- Amount in dollars of my annual gross salary (Gross!)

Yes. I'm accepting presents.


Anonymous said...

Happy bday! Hope there are many more.

P.S. I wouldn't be a proper commenter without shitting all over something... so I choose the 3 imitation websites. They suck.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm glad you've made it two years, but I am not an "imitator." My first post is only two weeks after yours.

Emilio Mejia said...
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