Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Feature -- Therapy Corner

Do you hate your job?  Are you pissed because, despite your education and training, your career consists of punching holes and making coffee for some entitled jerk?  Do want to vent your frustrations and take comfort in knowing others are in the same shitty boat?  Well, now you can with the Temp Diaries newest feature -- Therapy Corner.  [Hint: It's also one of the tabs above.]

Here's your chance to get something off your chest in complete anonymity (150 characters or less).  Think of this as one big group therapy but without the co-pay.  All you have to do is enter whatever alias you want to use, then type in your rant and hit the "Shout" button.  You'll start feeling better instantly.  I guarantee it.*

*Guarantee not guaranteed.

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