Monday, January 25, 2010

Hollywood Dictionary: Volume 17

It's been a while since we've done the dictionary. But with my recent return to the working world, I'm re-exposed to varying bits of entertainment inanity. I can now share these with you.

Back End: Jennifer Lopez. Beyonce Knowles. Kim Kardashian. Dennis Franz. A quality rump has become such a necessity in Hollywood that plastic surgeons actually perform butt implants. If only Dr. Rey could remove certain asses like Jeff Zucker. But this has nothing to do with "back end." Premier's Former Executive Editor Peter Biskind explains back end is both “a percentage of the profits, if any, due after a film’s release” and “participation in the revenues generated by the distribution of the film." Of course movies allegedly never make money. No wonder why Winston Groom is pissed. Here's more confusing info on this term.

Overall: Oshkosh B'Gosh has not identified a new market segment -- one-legged farmers -- and invented apparel just for them. Nope. That's not even close to what an 'overall' is. Funnier? Perhaps. But the reality is an 'overall' is a deal someone signs with a studio to develop projects in exchange for irresponsibly-large sums of money, office space and a front-row parking spot.

Option: Hollywood is full of options. Movie or TV. Comedy or Drama. Unemployed or slightly less unemployed. But I digress. An option is the right to purchase a property (e.g. a script, book) after paying the owner a certain holding fee. For example, a highly-intelligent producer might say, "The Temp Diaries could be a great TV series. It's funny, insightful and has great opportunities for product placements. I'd like to pay you a $1 million to option rights to your blog for one year. During that time I will attempt to sell it to HBO, Showtime or Food Network. If I find a buyer, I'll take the whole thing off your hands for $1 billion. If I can't find a buyer, you get to keep the million anyway." [Note: Figures may not reflect current market rate.]

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