Saturday, January 16, 2010

Networks Unclear of the Concept

I don't stay up late. I'm usually asleep or drunk by 9:30 p.m. Anything that happens after Act 2 of CSI:(Insert city here) -- well I never see it. I just assume the bad guy 'fesses up while ignoring his Miranda Rights. Because that's how the criminal justice system works. This also means I'm not awake to watch all the Conan-Leno squabbling, and I just end up watching it on Hulu the next morning.

While watching a recent clip from Conan's Tonight Show, I noticed they ran a promo for the show that looked a lot like this...

This just struck me as odd because NBC has a 27 percent ownership stake in Hulu. Yes, that's the same NBC that's giving Conan the heave-ho. So promote a show that you're throwing off the air and paying the host $30 million to leave? Or a better question is, "Should we be surprised that NBC continues to act like idiots?"

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