Monday, December 14, 2009

Stupid Interview Questions -- Greenwich Mean Time edition

I had a phone interview the other day! I may soon be able to cast off this Scarlet T forever. Hooray for me, right? Wrong.

To call this conversation an interview is a wild overstatement. It would be like calling Carl's Jr. "Haute Cuisine" or Nikki Finke a responsible journalist. The entire phone call lasted slightly more than four minutes -- three minutes of which were spent on hold.

All told, I talked to the exec for about 84 seconds. I thought I offered responses to complex questions like, "Where did you go to college?" in a manner indicating my intellectual capacity and drive to succeed. Apparently not. I never heard from them again. On the plus side, I got my unemployment check the other day.

None of the above has anything to do with today's Stupid Interview Question:

“What is the world population?”

If you have a stupid interview question to share, please send it to or put it in the "Have I Got News" box to the left. All submissions will remain anonymous.


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