Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Memo to PETA

To: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

From: Temp X

Re: The Daily Show Segment: "You're Welcome with John Hodgman"

I was peacefully enjoying my tofu scramble with a Fair Trade soy cheese latte this morning when my whole world turned upside down. You see I was watching a replay of last night's Daily Show when I saw the most abhorrent, repulsive and unfunny image ever to alter the pixels of my cathode ray tube. While discussing ideas on eliminating our debt toward the Chinese, Daily Show contributor Hodgman suggested Americans threaten to kill the panda Tai Xian unless the Chinese forgive the $800 billion we owe them. And if that wasn't vulgar enough, they ran the following image...

[Note: It's at the it's at the 11:26 mark]

I was horrified. What kind of sick, award-winning, highly-rated, PETA-endorsed program would allow such a thing? Have they no sense of decency? And to suggest this is somehow funny because it aired on Comedy Central? I see nothing smart or funny about this. I haven't felt this sick since I saw that dog-killer posting on the Hollywood Temp Diaries or the follow-up discussion of Tofu murder.

Please join me in my boycott of all Daily Show sponsors and organizations that endorse this kind of behavior.

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Anonymous said...

don't be ridiculous! nobody drinks soy cheese lattes. ;)

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