Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My favorite way to waste time at work while looking busy is... (the rest of the list)

It's probably really slow at work today. The Christmas cards are gone. Your boss is taking three-hour lunches and then "running errands" while you sit there contemplating life's cruelty. But you need to look busy in case someone important stops by. So here are the rest of the time wasters I promised. Try them out and save your job.
  • Reading trivia from movies and shows I like on IMDBPro
  • Playing Bedazzled Blitz on Facebook.
  • Reading Variety, Hollywood Reporter or any entertainment related website. It looks like you're trying to keep up to date.
  • Spreading all the papers I have on top of my desk, and when people walk by, I pretend to be reading intensely.
  • Craigslist deal hunting, and if anyone asks...I'm researching.
  • Pretend to be scheduling a meeting when my boss walk by. In reality I'm calling the voicemail to "check messages" that don't exist.
  • Twitter.
  • Using headphones and Hulu. I watched two full seasons of LOST while pretending to file.
  • iChatting intently with six friends at once so it looks like you're productively typing something important.
  • Typing emails to myself about the better career decisions I could have made.
  • Reading fan fiction via Outlook.
  • Constantly hitting refresh on Twitter and ONTD when nobody's looking.
  • Pretending to talk to co-workers about work.
  • Making cold calls all day, and when I find a number that is a definite straight to voicemail, that number will get at least 25 more calls that day.
  • Working on my own screenplay after I've done coverage on so much other crap.
  • Printing out a document and "editing" it by hand, which means making half-hearted marks with a pen.
  • Randomly typing on my keyboard pretending to write an email, when I am actually reading this blog!!

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What kind of fan fiction?

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