Friday, May 29, 2009

Sarcasm-Free Week: Day 4

Well, I made it. I didn't think I could go a week (granted it was a short week) without a snarky, sarcastic posting about Hollywood. Hope I brightened up your week just a little bit.

Starting next Monday, I will return to the confused, socially-awkward and unemployable person you've come to know and love. Before I go, I have one last tidbit of a thought...

Open your mind to new ideas.

While I'm loathe to admit it, people are genuinely entertained by reality programs. Just ask the folks at Endemol or Fremantle about the success of shows like American Idol, Big Brother and Wipeout. But just 10 years ago reality shows were nary a blip on the TV landscape. The music industry and its retailers fell apart while iTunes took over. Just ask anyone who worked at Tower Records, Sam Goody or Sony's Walkman division.

I don't know what major shifts will hit the entertainment industry next or what they'll mean to my desire to write for a living. I just need to make sure I don't say "No" because I want to hold on to something that's gonna change whether I want it to or not.

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