Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sarcasm-Free Week: Day 2

This isn't as easy as I thought. So many things that I could write about -- the Upfronts, Jay Leno's countdown season?, contacts that aren't worth a rat's patootie -- but a promise is a promise. I will, go sarcasm free for a week.

Be proud of the risk you're taking.

For the overwhelming majority of us, Hollywood is really a risk. It's a financial risk. It's an emotional risk. It's an occupational risk. You could write/act/etc. for 20 years and be no further along than you are today. This is a sobering thought because this means countless rejections combined with the economic stress of low-paying work in an expensive town.

Life is short, but it's much too long to live with regret. Be proud that you're passionate enough about something to invest years of your life in it.

And here's hoping that it pays off just the way you want it to.


Anonymous said...

This post has convinced me even more to cut my losses and leave this dreadful town - what a waste the last 2 years of my life have been! I'd rather sell insurance

Anonymous said... honest first hand account of a person's exerience trying to move up the entertainment industry ladder. Better insight than some entertainment magazines! Joey

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