Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sarcasm-Free Week: Day 3

I've hit the half-way point in my quest to achieve a sarcasm-free week. And I feel pretty good about it. I hope some of these happy vibes have rubbed off on you. These are challenging times, so take joy where you can find it.

I've heard too many people in Hollywood (myself included) say they live here because they have to, not because they want to. Or when asked their thoughts about L.A. they say, "It's ok. It's not like (city they lived in before here)."

This serves as a nice transition to today's recommendation...

Have some fun.

Sure LA doesn't have the vibrancy of New York. It doesn't have the natural beauty of San Francisco. Or the friendliness of Chicago. But it does have a lot to offer. L.A. has relaxing sunsets, wonderful beaches*, very cool ethnic neighborhoods and an abundance of burger joints.

Trying to make it in the entertainment industry is very stressful. So if you can, take some time to have a little fun. It's your home. Make yourself comfortable.

* They're not crowded during the week!

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