Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sarcasm-Free Week: Day 1

Call me slow or embarrassingly oblivious, but I recently realized I've spent way too much time being snarky and bitter about Hollywood. This constant analysis of what I perceive to be hypocrisy, limited creativity and shameless behavior was catching up with me in a big way. And if my feelings started to rub off on you, I'm sorry. Your life in Hollywood was supposed to be an adventure in pursuing your passion, not a bunch of grousing about how you're getting screwed over.

So for the next four days I will impart only positivity and a few recommendations on making Hollywood a better place. Let's share a spirit of camaraderie because it's something decent people should do for each other.

Help someone out today.

It's simple and easy to do, so give it a shot. Read an unsolicited script. Interview (or maybe even hire) a person who isn't related to someone famous. Offer to mentor someone new to the industry. Schedule a pitch meeting with someone who doesn't have an agent. Share the UTA joblist with the newly unemployed (whether college grads or William Morris employees). Remember you were once a nobody too.

We don't always need to compete. Sometimes we can just be nice. I'm gonna try it. Join me.


Unknown said...

Good luck!

karen said...

ny times article says that nice is back in:


so that is good timing.

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