Monday, November 24, 2008

An Open Letter To SAG

Federally-mediated talks between the Screen Actors Guild and AMPTP (the producers) broke down this weekend after contract negotiations failed. Rather than revisit the discussion, SAG is lining up to authorize a strike vote.

Temp X is none too pleased with this turn of events. So following is an open letter to SAG. If you don't agree, start your own blog.

Dear SAG Leadership:

You're a bunch of Jackasses.

That felt good. Everyone repeat along with me.

You're a bunch of Jackasses.

Ok, now I'll explain why.

We're less than a year removed from the WGA strike that put a lot of us on unemployment and you've decided it might be time to strike again.

I'm not a member of your union. I'm not an actor nor do I ever care to be one. So you probably don't care what I have to say. But I can assure you that all your assistants do. All the people who answer your agent's phone and manage their schedules do. All the people who read the breakdowns (that's industry speak for possible work), get you resies at The Farm and make sure your latte has Splenda and not Equal do.

There's no union for Temps and Assistants in Hollywood. Our job stability is balanced on a tripod of our hard work, the economy and labor relations. And you're looking to break a leg when one is already very wobbly.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who rely on this industry to put food in their dog bowl (for their dog, we just eat the leftovers from staff meetings), get quarters for their laundry and pay for the cheap beer.

You did nothing for nearly four months (or 29% on the Dow Jones if that helps). Now you're in the worst possible bargaining position and decide it's time to play hard ball? This is logic you'd normally associate with the Bush administration. But you've apparently co-opted it. Bad decision.

May I make a simple suggestion. Review the agreements from AFTRA, the DGA, the WGA and just photocopy them and sign. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you. Need I remind you that TV viewership in the delicious 18-49 demo is down 13% from last year in no small part thanks to the Writers' strike. Ratings declines means fewer ad dollars, smaller pay checks and fewer jobs. If ratings go any lower, you'll all be replaced by dramatic prairie dog and I'll have to go back to work for a mutual fund company.

No one wants that. Please settle this dispute now.

Happy Monday,
Temp X


Anonymous said...

ditto, what he said.

TheAma1 said...

Hear hear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but oh, how I love you right now.

Simone... said...

*Starts the slow clap*

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How incredibly naive.

Anonymous said...

No, it is not naive anonymous! Actors do the least amount of work on a set but expect the most. I am in SAG and am not voting a stupid little dick strike. Get a second job, like I did. The second job is production. You know, hard work.. long hours. And the writers create everything, so do not even TRY to pretend you deserve more than they do! You are only a friggen puppet my friend.

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