Friday, October 1, 2010

LA restaurant reviews the way God intended: Mother Drucker

Paella at Primitivo in Venice
Sick of eating cereal for dinner but need dining ideas beyond Olive Garden?  Have I got the site for you.

Mother Drucker offers restaurant reviews from all over LA (and periodically elsewhere).  The site is run by a copy writer and air hockey champ who loves good food more than anything.  She dines at places that range from Mastro's to Paco's Tacos.  So there's bound to be something in your price range.  The reviews are funny and informative.  And the'll want to eat your computer monitor at the end.

And if dining out isn't your thing, Mother Drucker periodically posts dessert recipes that'll push your blood sugar level to the limit.

Bon Appétit and such.  Just bring me the leftovers.

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