Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Moments In Product Placement History: Fergie, Slash and Monster Energy

The music industry remains in deep doo doo. Internet piracy combined with overall crappy music means no money (see your future TV!).  Anyway, this means music labels need to offset production costs but still get their product out there.  Gone are the days when a label would pony up millions to make a video, like when Sony threw 7 mil to make Michael Jackson's "Scream."  In fact, they're so far gone the least subtle product placements are showing up in videos.  I offer to you Fergie (featuring Slash) and the new song "Beautiful Dangerous."

Exhibit A:  In the photo below we see what is called an "Establishing Shot" where Slash sits peacefully on a couch at a bar with a can of something and some shots of what's probably whiskey.  This is interesting because Slash had a stint in rehab in 2007 so he probably shouldn't be drinking.  Of course ever since Eric Clapton remade "After Midnight" for a Michelob ad fewer than 10 years after being hospitalized for his alcohol problem, I guess all bets are off.

Exhibit B: Slash reaches over for his beverage, a 16 ounce can of Monster Energy Drink (not to be confused with Monster Job Board or Monster Cable).  Maybe it's the camera angle, but Slash's thumb looks small.

Exhibit C: Playing what appears to be an "E" chord, Slash takes a swig of the beverage (retail price $1.99) while making sure the logo is turned directly to the camera.

Exhibit D: The chaser.  Not sponsored by anyone.

If MTV still played videos, you might see this.  But they don't.  So I'm not sure why I wrote this.


Anonymous said...

time for slash to give up the hair and hat. he looks like a sad overage woman. also, i hope they gave you some coin for this. plus what does it say that I am club bouncing yet looked u up. it says sad club scene or I should have another drink:}

Jennifer said...

I <3 Slash!!!

Jennifer said...

I <3 Slash!!!

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