Friday, October 22, 2010

CNN has a Virus

Larry King has always looked old
CNN is sick. The once dominant leader in news can't get a ratings point to save their lives. To improve their demos, they hired noted prostitute employer Eliot Spitzer, whoever Kathleen Parker is and Piers Morgan (the dude from America's Got Talent). Turns out Eliot and Kathleen can't top Rick "I got drunk and ran over a man who later died" Sanchez's ratings and it's unlikely anyone will care about Mr. Morgan when he takes over for the fossilized Larry King (also a scofflaw).

Lucky for them they still have, the most trafficked news site according to However this era may end soon too as their editors seem fixated on viral videos.  Or perhaps they just need better headline writers.

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Anonymous said...

In college my roommate checked for news headlines. One day, all of the headlines were in the category of "why is this news?" I said, "Maybe it's just a slow news day." I went to Yahoo, and sure enough they had serious news-it wasn't a slow news day. CNN had no idea what constituted news.

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