Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Thoughts (a.k.a Larry King Monday)

There are no Blacks or Asians in the movie Grease.  Not even extras.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Considering the movie takes place five years after Brown vs. Board of Education, this seems awfully weird.

I was correct on 65 percent of my predictions for new shows in the Fall 2009 line up.  The breakdown went as follows: CBS (3 of 4), CW (2 of 3),  Fox (2 of 2,) ABC (3 of 7) and NBC (3 of 4).  I wonder whether that would get me hired or fired as a network exec.

I am so bored at my job, I was actually excited when I got a summons for jury duty.  Sadly, it appears as if I will not get selected.  Back to the salt mines.

MacGruber, the movie inspired by Saturday Night Live skit, tanked this weekend with a $4.1 million take.  Why so low?  Because the target audience was still in diapers when subject of this parody first aired.  But is that really anything new that SNL doesn't understand their demo?  They're currently airing a sketch poking fun at the Lawrence Welk Show -- a program last broadcast in 1982.

Another Grease comment -- Rizzo has the longest gestation period of anyone ever.  She and Kenickie have unprotected sex during the opening weekend of school.  A week or two later -- at the drive in -- she whispers to Marty she's missed her period.  But it takes her until the carnival scene (which takes place at the AT THE END of the school year) to announce she's not preggers after all.  If I learned anything during sex education, she should have had her litter by then.

I have no interest in proving that one college can get a million fans on Facebook before another college.  I also don't care about using Facebook to get celebrities to quit smoking, to host Saturday Night Live or to do anything remotely political.  I use Facebook the way it was intended -- to revel in the fact  I'm in better shape and have more hair than most people I went to high school with.

No one should be allowed to do construction at 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning.  Especially if you live next door to me.

Next weekend will mark five years since moving to Los Angeles.  I wonder every day what the hell I was thinking.

Allergies suck.


Lisa Klow said...

Salt mines - ha! I know that feeling. "I got a job! Finally! Yay! A paycheck again!" *few months later* "God, I'm bored." >: P

Anonymous said...

I do agree that allergies suck. This could be filed under overthinking it, but the composition of "Grease" isn't that surprising. There were/are many schools that are all white. Also, if you assume that it's a suburban high-school, it may have been drawing from an all white neighborhood. As for Asians, it was set before the 1965 immigration reform act, and again, it may have been in a suburb with few/no Asian families. I accepted the fact that I was major nerd with may too much time on my hands long ago.

Totally agree with you about SNL. The show used to be funny. I don't know what happened, but I keep hoping that it's going to get better any day now. Also, I didn't think "MacGruber" was funny as a 120 second sketch, so I had no interest in the movie.

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