Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome the newest member of the family -- Temp Z

Periodically I come up with a clever idea.  I'd like to think today is one of those days as I announce the hiring of Temp Diaries newest employee -- Temp Z.  Allow me to explain.

Hollywood executives are quickly becoming celebrities in their own right.  For example, Jason Trawick is no longer just a WME2 agent, he's Britney Spears' arm candy.  The same can be said of CAA's David Bugliari who recently married Alyssa Milano and CAA's John Campisi (who left his wife for Hilary Swank).  Heck, CBS reported quite the email allegedly sent to CAA's Mike Nilon (and his co-workers) from his displeased missus.  It's not just agents who make news either.  Who could forget police blotter material like former HBO head Chris Albrecht?  And there are countless more.  So the Temp Diaries hired its own columnist to focus on Hollywood executives and their shenanigans.  That man is Temp Z.

In what is obviously a shameless combination of Perez Hilton, Page 6 and TMZ, Temp Z will offer the latest dirt on these star-makers.  Now Temp Z is privy to a decent amount of gossip on his own.  But like any good columnist, he also needs his sources.  That could be you.  As you'll see below and in the left column -- there a place for anonymous news tips.  Just type in what you know and hit submit.  We'll take care of the rest.

Let the fun begin.

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