Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bizarro Journalism with Nikki Finke

Hot on the heels of writing a headline without a story (31 days and counting), Darling Nikki has reached a new level of confused. 

I offer Exhibit A -- yesterday's story about The Hollywood Reporter hiring Us magazine editor Janice Min as their new editorial director.  So far this is fine.  Her Holiness decided to have one of her over-experienced underlings do a new hire announcements.  But then things start to get weird.

Nikki gives her oh-so-predictable "they suck" comment on this hire not to the publication she founded and made scads of money from, but to the Huffington Post.  The folks at Deadline are relegated to copying the quote and attributing it to the chick who plays an animated bear on The Cleveland Show.  That's right, Nikki won't even deign to discuss this news with her own media outlet. 

What gives?  You don't trust your reporters to quote you accurately?

Exhibit A.  Geez.  I spend one day at jury duty and I'm talking like a lawyer.

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