Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is Nikki Finke the Jeff Zucker of Entertaiment Bloggerism?

[Ed. Note: In the spirit of fair play and honesty, I will admit that the following posting was my mistake. Turns out Fleming gets a full posting if you visit Deadline-New York. Thank you to the astute reader who pointed that out. Now the question is why does the domestic entertainment market need two separate sections? But whatever. It was fun to write when I thought it to be true. And Mike, if you want to write for my site, the offer still stands.]

Looks like Deadline Hollywood's new hire, former Variety reporter Mike Fleming, is getting the Conan O'Brien treatment from his new employer.

As you'll see below, Darling Nikki isn't giving the long-time journalist a chance to strut his stuff and develop a following. On the home page, Mr. Fleming is only allowed a bland headline and link to his story. Not a whiff of front page copy. Not even a teaser. Nada. Nikki, however, continues to litter the site's main page with copied-and-pasted press releases and the equally important news about her taking a personal day.

Someone's burying the lede...

There's news. And then there's NEWS.

(Pssst. Mike. Over here. It's me. Temp X. If you want have people actually see your stuff, let me know. I think we can work something out.)


Anonymous said...

it is only happening now because "deadline: new york" has officially launched. if you click on new york at the top, all of the stories are mike fleming's and nikki's stories are only headlines/links. maybe you would like that more!

Anonymous said...

what's interesting is that she's only posted one entry compared to his ten for the day.

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