Monday, November 2, 2009

Look out Barbie, here comes Ken. And he looks "fab-u-lous!"

The recent announcement by Mattel that they've developed a Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken doll got me thinking about ways to use him in the upcoming Barbie movie. Here are a couple ideas I've already registered with the WGA. Feel free to post your own ideas in the Comment section.

Ken runs a Maltese dog-fighting operation in the basement of his Jimmy Choo shop on Worth Avenue. Working deep undercover, Peta Barbie® gets hired and begins documenting all of the frightful details of the illegal venture. Things get complicated when she gets addicted to the employee discount and Ken's fashion tips. Think Rush meets Sex and the City.

Ken is a FBI agent and former Navy Seal sent to take down a multi-billion dollar drug smuggling ring. Barbie plays the trophy wife/beard of the closeted kingpin Agador S. Ramirez. Things get complicated when both Barbie and Agador (played by Antonio Sabato Jr.) fall for Ken. Think Scarface meets The Birdcage.

An obsessed Saved By The Bell fan longing for a reunion episode of long-running Saturday morning show, becomes convinced Ken is actually Mark Paul Gosselaar/Zack Morris. Ken tries to prove to the confused fan he's simply a well-coiffed boy toy looking for a Sugar Momma. But to no avail. Things get complicated when the fan kidnaps Ken and awaits a call from SBTB's Executive Producer Peter Engel. Think Misery meets Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.


Anonymous said...

The SBTB plotline is hilarious. Does Screech doll make a nude cameo?

Anonymous said...

First, I actually clicked on the links to make sure you weren't making this up, because it seemed too crazy to be true. I thought it was a photoshop jpb. The scary thing, is that is how a segment of Palm Beach dresses.

As for plotlines, I like the SBTB one. I've always liked mistaken identity. Would this be a Ken spin-off movie, or would be Barbie be an agent sent to rescue him?

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