Monday, November 30, 2009

Call For Entries: 2009 Il Festival di d'Arte Cinematografica di Assurdita'

Tomorrow's the deadline. So get your entries in before it's too late. Try to top my entry, Paranormal Inactivity.

It is with great pride that I officially open the Call For Entries for the second annual Il Festival di d'Arte Cinematografica di Assurdita' sponsored by the good folks at The Hollywood Temp Diaries.

Il FACA is a film festival for the poor, starving Hollywood artist who is just trying to get noticed but may not have the financial resources to enter one of those high-falutin' contests like Cannes, Sundance or Toronto.

I invite you to participate in this most exciting (and most certainly real) event. For all the details, go to The deadline for submission is 12 noon on December 1, 2009.

Who knows, maybe you'll win the much coveted Va'Fanculo Hollywood -- Foglio della Presenze Dorato and the accompanying prizes ELVIS: The Ed Sullivan Collection and the pilot for Viva Laughlin?

Good Luck and Good Movie!

Temp X

P.S. Here are last year's winners. And yes. I know that the dude who came in third place took his movie down. His loss.

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