Monday, November 16, 2009

What's not quite journalism and not quite advertising?

Why, it's Deadline|Hollywood!! Buy an ad and get your press release run for free.*

I know. Some people hate when I make fun of Nikki. I'm sorry. But she had the nerve to call me "an anonymous snarker...[who] is self admittedly neither a Hollywood insider nor responsible journalist." I take offense to her use of the term "snarker," which according to Urban Dictionary is either:
  1. The art of snarking is retrieving golf balls, that where [sic] played out of bounds.
  2. A person that sniffs or snarks seats.
Let the record reflect I would never steal golf balls. And as for sniffing someone's newly-vacated seat, that's just depraved. On the subject of my journalistic ethics, all my newspaper instructors, editors and former co-workers would agree. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Of course the ones I know have said the same of you.

"And that's not all! You'll get this free follow-up article that shamelessly recites your corporate tag line while shitting on a competitor I already hate. And you'll get this gorgeous set of steak knives..."]

*I have no tangible proof it was a quid pro quo. But I will say the similarities between much of the press release and the article she ran are remarkable.


Anonymous said...

Keep it coming, X. Great stuff. Nikki dishes it out, but can't ever take it.

Anonymous said...

As an east coaster, a great deal of this feud between you and Nikki Finke is somewhat of a mystery. In this case, I say job well done. This is a legitimate issue. When I clicked on her website, the ad was gone. It's also possible she was just lazy and slightly reworded the press release to make it in article. Either way, points to you for bringing this up. Keep up the great work on this blog.

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