Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nothing compares 2 werk

Little Known Fact: Before becoming an international music sensation, Prince temped in Hollywood in the mid-1970s. It was during this recession and period of intermittent employment he wrote a song that became the basis for #77 on Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time." I recently came into possession of this song and have posted it here for you. Push the play button for the backing track and sing along. [Tip: You should start singing 10 seconds in.]

it's been seven hours and fif-ty days,
since u took your werk away.
i sleep every night and sleep all day,
since u took your werk away.

since you've been gone i can't do whatever i want.
i can't buy whatever i choose.
i can't eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant.
damn, nothing, I said nothing can change this awful news

'cause nothing compares,
nothing compares 2 werk.

it's been so boring with nil 2 do.
i just watched Allen Funt.
nothing needs me 2 take a shower today.
tell me Hollywood, why you're a cunt?

i apply 4 every dopey job i see,
but i won't get interviewed.
i went 2 the shrink, and guess what she told me,
guess what she told me.
she said, "boy u better move nice and soon.
oh, u need a pill.
and here's your bill."

'cause nothing compares,
nothing compares 2 werk.

all the money that u paid 2 me,
went straight 2 rent.
but soon December is due.
i know that werking 4 u, baby, was sometimes hard.
but i need a new pair of shoes.

nothing compares,
nothing compares 2 werk. (3x)

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