Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You too can be an 'X'

In my never-ending quest to provide you slightly-better-than-average entertainment, I've finally set up an anonymous tip section. I know Hollywooders like yourselves have great stories or amusing factoids you'd like to share but don't because you fear being fingered as the source. As someone who goes by the names Temp X, Yenta X and Che Equis, I totally get it. But fear no more.

As you'll see in the left hand column, there's a section called "Have I got news..." Directly below that is a comment box where you can type in your dirt/ideas/anecdotes and hit "Submit." That's all. No emails. No paper trail. No nothing. I get the info and you go back to wondering why you're 26-years old and fighting with a Xerox machine.

You can send along anything you want, but if you're looking for some ideas, here are some things I'd love to have:
  • Stupid interview questions
  • Non-NDA violating gossip
  • Amusing tales from the trenches
  • Story ideas
I can't guarantee I'll post everything you send. And I will edit what you send me because I don't want to get sued. But I can assure you, I'll look at every submission. I've got nothing but time and a fair amount of boredom.

Thanks for continuing to read The Hollywood Temp Diaries. Tell your friends.

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