Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Fun at the "Josh and Josh Show"

California's Unemployment Rate is at a post-WWII high of 11.9% and climbing. If you aren't out of a job yet, you will be soon. Or worse, you have to work for Ara Keshishian. No matter what your situation is, you could probably use a little inexpensive fun. I've got some for you. And it's better than cheap, it's free.

Each Thursday* Bar Lubitsch (7702 Santa Monica Blvd.) offers up the "Josh and Josh Show." This comedy review attracts an impressive roster including Thomas Lennon (Lieutenant Jim Dangle from Reno 911), Demetri Martin (Taking Woodstock), The Sklar Brothers and loads of funny writers from Conan, Family Guy, Sarah Silverman and more.

There's no cover, no drink minimum and no pressure. Just show up, have a drink if you want/need. Watch some comedy, laugh and, if you're up to it, stay for dancing afterward.

The line up for this week is:
  • JOSH RENCHER ('09 Westside Stand-Up Fest & NY Comedy Contest)
  • DAN BIALEK (The Robot Ninja Werewolf Deluxe Podcast)
  • JOSH WEINSTEIN (Bones, Back on Topps)
  • BRIAN KILEY (The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien)
  • ROB DELANEY (SyFy's Outer Space Astronauts)
Heck, it's better than watching re-runs of Grey's Anatomy or new episodes of Big Brother. And how could you say "No" to the adorable Jewish couple (pictured with their dog Clarence) who host the show?

*Check their Facebook page or call Bar Lubitsch at (323) 654-1234 for the schedule.

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jazzence said...

we work for the same temp. agency. I recognized the timesheet. I feel your pain. There's nothing like calling at 12:55 and being told to call back in 5 minutes. FU B-------. I'm glad I came across your blog because now I know I can get unemployment.

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