Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Non-NDA Violating Gossip

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten? I know I do. They made every student wear a bright orange badge listing our name, home address and phone number. The theory was if a student got lost, some benevolent soul would shove us in a mail box and the USPS would deliver us home (postage due). But the real comfort for parents and kids alike was knowing an authority figure was there if/when an emergency arose.

In Hollywood, the first few days of any production merit the same precautions, because if something can go wrong, it will. Just ask the people who were shooting Evan Almighty when the horses got loose. But apparently not everyone subscribes to this theory...

Which head of a newly-formed and well-financed production company went on vacation the day they started shooting their first-ever film?

Or perhaps it's just tough love.

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Anonymous said...

Did they work for NBC?

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