Thursday, August 20, 2009

Temp X -- Unmasked?

A U.S. Federal judge ruled Tuesday that Google must release the name of an anonymous blogger who ran a site called "Skanks in NYC." Turns out the person this blogger focused on -- a former model named Liskula Cohen -- wasn't pleased that she was listed as the Biggest Skank in the Big Apple. So she sued Google (the host of the blog) to release the blogger's ID -- and WON! Sometime real soon, this blogger will have to unmask himself/herself.

This news makes anonymous blogger-types like yours truly a pinch nervous. I have no job. I have no job prospects. I live with a beagle who makes no money. And now, some bored exec at NBC will probably sue me for shitting all over their company for the last year and a half. What luck?! The only notoriety I'll get is being named "Defendant." That was not the point of my blog.

This got me thinking, maybe it's time I end this charade. Heck, if I'm ultimately gonna get sued, why not reveal my secret identity now and skip the formalities.

My name is
Nikki Hilton...or is it Perez Finke. Either one works.

Is it me, or does the combination of these two people look not unlike Andy Rooney?


Anonymous said...

I love love love your dog. Looks just like my precious dog who shall also be anon. Anyone that knows me knows my dogs name! hahaha give that puppy a belly rub!

As Your Attorney... said...

Hang in there, X.

Sometimes the lawsuit gets you the opportunity you always wanted. And if not, you can always blame it on the dog.

Anonymous said...

Besides, how can anyone give you your book deal if you're anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Google the model's name, then check under "News."

The model did not reveal the blogger's name, but five hours ago, Channel Web issued an article with the headline:

"'Skanks' Blogger Outed, Model Forgives"

(The browser copied the link, but it would not paste.)

Anonymous said...

HA! Good one. Now all you have to do is become an insane journalist with bogus sources.

Anonymous said...

It dares to tell the truth about the ridiculous industry we work in and what it's like to be a barnacle on the ass of society. Wow. I never knew I was so bitter. Thanks, Temp X! Your minions salute you!

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