Monday, January 26, 2009

Stupid Interview Question -- Rorschach Test Edition

Getting inside the mind of a Hollywood executive is a lot like a road trip to Vegas -- miles of arid real estate only to be interrupted by a small, densely-populated area that's gaudy, self-important and drunk. This is why I find today's stupid interview question so fascinating.

Rank the following in order most important to least important: Family, Friends, Love, Work.

A Hollywood executive offering a question your therapist would ask during the first session seems so atypical. But there's a reason. Any answer other than...
WORK is the most important thing in my life. For the prospect of fetching your latte, rolling your calls and faking your expense reports far exceeds any emotion I could feel in finding true love, being among friends or resolving issues with my family. completely unacceptable. But if you value Love, Family or Friends more than Work, don't think you're leaving your boss in a lurch. There's a line of 10 people behind you willing to make that sacrifice.

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Anonymous said...

O honey, why isn't this site a tv series already? That Vegas analogy made my day.

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