Thursday, August 14, 2008

Programming Ideas with Temp X

So much to consider today. Paula Wagner barely had a chance to fart in her office chair before getting kicked out of UA, fissures within SAG as contract negotiations go nowhere and Temp X has three interviews coming up.

But today I'd like to help out my friends at NBC. I give them a lot of grief and/or tough love. Sure their ratings have been stuck in the cellar longer than the Senator Martin's daughter in Silence of the Lambs. But I, Temp X, hero of the underpaid and underemployed, have a solution for the Peacock Network -- all Olympics all the time.

Scoff as you might, but Ben Silverman's little network that could is killing everything. The Olympics delivered NBC's most watched show since the Friends series finale (52.5 million) with last Friday's Opening Ceremony (35 million). Now close your eyes and imagine a crossover episode where Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Lisa Kudrow go to Beijing. Goodbye, Farewell and Amen to M*A*S*H atop the all-time TV leader board.

Ok, perhaps these ideas are a tad unrealistic. But what if they picked the best elements from the Olympics and incorporated them into their normal programming? Hmm....

Sweaty Women in Bikinis -- Chuckle as you might, but Misty May and Kerri Walsh are bumping, setting and spiking (volleyball terms you pervs!) their way to the top of the Nielsens in their microkinis. Oh, and you probably know this same concept worked for the most watch show in world history -- Baywatch (a show that NBC canceled). So how about this idea -- a game show with models wearing slightly more than nothing and...err...oh, wait. That's Deal or No Deal.

Good Looking Men all Wet -- The "story" of the Olympics is Michael Phelps and his pursuit the Gold Medal record set by Mark Spitz and his pornstar moustache. But the real story for the ladies is hunky guys who are all wet. Meee-ow! And how could you forget the Water Polo players? May I recommend to NBC development a show where buff men in their early 20s often parade around shirtless and...oh...whatever happened to Friday Night Lights anyway?

People Eating Weird Food -- I like nothing more than watching reporters go to the Chinese markets and enjoy the local fare. So far I've seen two different NBC "news" people eat scorpions, lizards and duck head and pretend to enjoy it. These segments are rating dynamite. You want to turn away, but you can't help but watch. Maybe Ben and the Regurgitators could make a show where people do this same...oh wait...that was Fear Factor.

Well, maybe NBC has done all it can? That is unless it can make Fox, ABC and CBS run repeats all the time.

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Yes, but that is why mankind invented MTV.

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