Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Haven't figured out where to take the family for the summer road trip? Just find out that Walley World doesn't actually exist? Want to celebrate high culture while dining on a plate of deep-fried cheese? Here are some ideas from the Hollywood Temp Diaries Travel Section that will fit in nicely with your $13.50/hr. job:

Bronze the Fonz -- (August 19, Milwaukee, WI) -- The show that birthed Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy and Joanie loves Chachi will have its coolest member (no, not Scott Baio's penis) honored with a statue. The reveal of the privately-financed bronzing of Arthur Fonzarelli is part of a day-long celebration of the show that made Milwaukee famous. Mr. and Mrs. C, Ralph Malph, Potsie and, of course, the Fonz are scheduled to appear. Ron Howard will not attend as he will be picking up his dry cleaning.

Lebowski Fest -- (July 11 - 12, Louisville, KY) -- Celebrate the Coen Brothers movie you've seen 100 times. But this time do it in Louisville, a place you'd never go to otherwise. Enjoy bowling tournaments, White Russians and trivia while calling each other "Dude." If only they had a "Pee on Someone's Rug" or "Get Blown by Tara Reid" contest. As it's the 10th anniversary of the movie, this could be an extra fun one...and what have you.

Rocklahoma -- (July 10 - 13, Pryor, OK) -- If Lebowski Fest isn't cool enough for you, get in touch with your inner White Trash by rocking out with 30 bands that are all 20 years past their prime -- unless you live in Pryor, where they are just breaking on the FM dial. In a quick scour of the show's line up, Temp X realized he'd seen the following bands play live already: Ratt, Bret Michaels, Dokken, Living Colour, Kingdome Come, Kix, Queensryche and Tesla. Not sure why that matters to anyone, but what the heck.

If none of these ideas work, and you don't have cable, there's always hulu.com, which now offers full episodes of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and
Lost in Space. Or you can just read the rest of my blog? Yeah, I'd rather do something else too.

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