Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Fleeting Expletive

Temp X didn't hear from his pimp today (Well technically he did, but only to offer a long-term gig in a medical research office!?) So instead Temp X wrote and took a nap to relieve an unexplained headache. As a reward, Temp X scrambled what was hiding in his refrigerator for dinner, nestled into his couch and rooted against the Lakers.

Well, the Lakers lost. And that's fine. But not all is glee in Temp X's world. For the broadcast was marred by audio hiccups -- also known as the muting of the dreaded FLEETING EXPLETIVE.

A quick refresher. According to Wikipedia, a FLEETING EXPLETIVE is "a verbal profanity or visual indecency or obscenity expressed or shown during a live broadcast." Fearing fines from the FCC for airing FEs, networks use a delay to clean up the airways. The problem is it screws up a broadcast as we saw last night.

Following is a rough transcript of ABC's interview with Celtics' star Kevin Garnett moments after winning the NBA title:

Kevin. You've been a 12-time All Star, league MVP and now you're an NBA champion. How does it feel?

Well Michelle [fleeting expletive deleted not actually uttered by Kevin Garnett followed by the seven second delay rebuilding in time to protect us from one more fleeting expletive which is deleted] and for my Momma and everyone back in Chicago and South Carolina. We did [one more fleeting expletive deleted that cut into Garnett's remarks].
That was basically the interview. So because someone said "poopy diapers" or "nose goblins" or one of the seven evil words, we missed it. Maybe his response was about "giving 110 percent" of something, but if the tears streaming down his face were any indication, it was more likely filled with actual emotion. You know - real "Reality TV."

I know this isn't about Temping, but think about it. Actually, let's have an expert on this subject explain these words aren't a big deal and that FCC chairman Kevin Martin should worry about something else. (While it pains me to write this, the following is "Not Safe For Work." I hate irony.)

I'm not a Celtics fan. I'm just a TV fan. This was a one day rant. I'll get back to talking about idiots in Hollywood tomorrow. But for today I had to talk about the idiots in Washington who make it difficult for the idiots in Hollywood to do a half-ass job.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. The person I was temping for actually showed up, making my existence for the day pretty much redundant. I went to the computer room and listened to some Carlin expletives.

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