Monday, June 30, 2008

Interpreting a Job Posting

Congrats to the newly-minted class of 2008. Once you finish your post-college European backpacking trip (with a prolonged stop in Amsterdam -- wink wink), you'll need to get your ass a job. This can be a daunting task. For those pursuing a career in Hollywood, take special care because job postings out here look pretty much the same. This is why Temp X has interpreted a typical job posting for you. Look out for certain buzzwords because in Hollywood, no one ever says what they mean (except me).

Happy job hunting...
Individual (cog) will handle typical office duties (by typical, it's really atypical duties and things the EEOC would have a field day with) and must have outstanding administrative skills (no thinking, just doing) -- phones (push button, then talk), scheduling, note-taking, typing ("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy Agent"), travel booking, etc. (pick up dry cleaning, plan parties you won't be invited to); must be proficient in the following software (because your boss isn't): Microsoft Outlook, Excel (won't need it), PowerPoint (won't need this either), Word; should be a super organized, highly efficient, professional, & trustworthy (boss has a mistress) self-starter who's eager to participate in development/production (this is the "Carrot" of which you will never taste) and able to complete tasks in a fast-paced (drug-addled) environment; should have common sense (ummmmm), thick skin (boss is a jerk) and sense of humor (so as to avoid crying). Production, agency, studio or network background is a plus. (former CAA assistants only)


Anonymous said...

Nice and sadly accurate.

On a side note, I had to laugh about the temps not getting 401K, paid vacation, health insurance. Trust me when I tell you this assistant gets none of that either...oh and I'm expected to come to work on the weekends if the boss' whims call for it.

You should talk to your temp agency though because I was with a bunch of them before getting a FT gig and all of them had plans where you could buy into health insurance and a 401K that was better than anything most of the cheap skates in Hollywood offer.

Anonymous said...

HA! I just quit this job today. Receptionist for a post-house aka person who gets shit on for a living.

Anonymous said...

Boy, is this ever true! It's been 20 years (almost) since I was a freshly-minted college grad, but the shark pool of Hollywood (and all its subtext) has remained constant!

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