Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hollywood Haikus

They were so popular the first time, we've brought them back. So crack out your Zen Garden, cram yourself into the Lotus position and escape to a better place.

Underpaid? Lips sealed.
Overworked? I dare not speak.
CAA life stinks.

Friday - 9 p.m.
I'm still at my desk toiling.
My boss? Out drinking.

Note to message board,
"ISO - UTA list."
I need a new gig.


Oh poor "Speed Racer."
Should have been PG-13.
Wrong demographics.

Eddie Murphy with
Eddie Murphy? Not again!
"Meet Dave"...umm...I'll pass.

Please settle your spat
The writers' strike sucked.


Angie's still preggers.
Twins are soon joining the brood.
Don't ask E.T. when.

Oh, Denise Richards.
What's "Complicated"? Reading?
Sure makes acting tough.


Smart shows, we miss you.
Arrested Development,
You died way too soon.

Temp X is snippy.
Lashing out at everyone.
Time for vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Power Producer
Stop screwing up our movie.
My boss takes Xanax

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