Monday, November 21, 2011

Stupid Interview Questions - Betty Ford edition

A quick search on Google Maps using the key words "Drug Rehab in Los Angeles" delivers no fewer than 50 results between Santa Monica and Downtown LA.  Why so many?  Those who have succeeded in Hollywood are often on drugs.  And those who haven't made it can't figure out why, so they take drugs.

So it's with this, I bring you today's Stupid Interview Question courtesy of one of my loyal readers:

Do you have any addictions?  I had an assistant who had a serious coke problem and it was too much to deal with.

The correct answer is, "Yes.  I'm a recovering addict, so I know all the signs.  So the fact that your eyes are bloodshot, your pupils are wide open, you're irritable, you've had frequent mood swings during our interview, you've got what appears to be a backlog of work on your desk, you were 45 minutes late and your nose is bleeding uncontrollably indicates you need another toot."

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AmericanJoe said...

I'd imagine getting made fun of online is hard on someone. And when you're attractive, the mental whiplash can send you straight to the craft store for a few mondo sniffs.

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