Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Microsoft needs a new ad agency

Today's post doesn't have anything to do with Hollywood.  But sometimes I just feel like writing about other stuff. 

So I'm talking with my sister yesterday and she insists she's seen the dumbest commercial ever.  As an amateur connoisseur of bad ads, I doubt this heavily, but I indulge.  Anyhoo, after struggling to figure out her DVR, she locates the spot, hits the wrong button on the DVR, hangs up, finds the ad, calls me back and plays it for me over the phone.  And it turns out she's right.  This might be the stupidest thing ever.

Here's the commercial for Xbox Kinect (FYI - It's spelled "connect").  Then, the briefest of explanations assuming you're not caffeinated enough to figure it out. 

Shouldn't "The sports you love, the way they're meant to be played" mean you're playing them...oh, you know...outside.  They do sell tennis rackets.  And you can get them for $70, or less than half the price of the Kinect attachment ($149.95).


Anonymous said...

This is where you're wrong. As the two Scotsmen who invented golf wandered along their first course, one commented to the other, "If we could only play this in conjunction with an image transmitted to a receiving device rather than doing all this walking about."

To which the other replied, "We can only dream of such, laddie."

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure u read the comments, please tell sharon waxman to get a new digital partner. I have to go to finke to comment because waxman phone site is from 1999. Dish without talk.
Thanks in advance

Maia Dobson said...

I do agree that Microsoft needs to choose from the most competitive advertising agencies in New York and replace their current agency. They're products aren't advertised well and they better do something about it before they get a massive lost in sales.

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