Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vote Temp X for THR's "Top 35 under 35"

The Hollywood Reporter is conducting its annual meaningless survey on the Top 35 executives under 35.  If last year is any indication (SPOILER ALERT) it'll feature a disproportionate number of white men, few (if any) minorities and a lot of people wearing suits that exceed your net worth.

Since you've already nominated me for Variety's "10 Assistants to Watch," why not make it a clean sweep of industry trade publications and vote for me here too.

While I can't promise you a beer stein with my logo on it if I win the THR popularity survey, I can promise that you can name your firstborn after me.  And who wouldn't want that?

To make life easy, I've listed the questions and what you might want to use for the answers.  Here's the

Now make me feel important.

Nominee Name:
Temp X

What are the nominee's accomplishments?
The Brown List (the most and least liked Hollywood executives); The Bennies (an award show recognizing the Worst in Television); Helping people find work; Surviving in Hollywood on $11/hr

Title (Nominee's Title):
Editor in Chief/Head Temp

Company (Nominee's Company):
The Hollywood Temp Diaries (

Date of Birth (Nominee's Date of Birth):
He can play anywhere from 18-34

Category of Nomination:
  • TV
  • Film
  • Digital (X) <------VOTE FOR ME HERE
  • Agents
  • Legal
  • Publicity
  • Management
What are the nominee's greatest strengths?
Laughing to keep from crying; Writing song parodies; Pointing out the dearth of minorities or woman used in THR's 2010 Top 35 under 35; Making fun of Ara Keshishian

Where do you see the nominee in five years?
Either running Hollywood or thrown out of it.

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Anonymous said...

I just voted for you. I love what you are doing here! It's helpful (joblist) and entertaining (everything else...).

Good luck, you're fabulous!


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