Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Larry King Tuesday (Wednesday Edition)

Shouldn't have signed that pre-nup
If Kris Humphries is traded to Milwaukee, will Kim Kardashian divorce him immediately?

Why does every news network use a different spelling for Moammar Gadhafi?  Can't they just pick one so I know which dictator is getting thrown out.

For as much as Google helps me, it's also a major pain in the ass.

Do you ever sit and think "I wonder whatever happened to Yahoo Serious?"  Me neither.

Philippe's is overrated -- unless you like undersized, flavorless French dip sandwiches.

They're fake,
but so what
Piers Morgan stole my act by getting Christine O'Donnell to walk off the show.  I did that years ago with Carrie Prejean.  Then I did it years before that with Dr. Jan Adams.  Hell, I did it in 1993 with Art Garfunkel.

Oil changes are an annoying waste of time and money.

The two best sports commentators are Hubie Brown and Gus Johnson.  The worst -- Joe Buck and Stuart Scott.

I know it's time to go grocery shopping when I have tacos for breakfast.  That said, they're not bad.

If I had the time, I'd be a Twitter addict.

I can't decide which term I like better "brain fart" or "fun bags"

How is it that the Chicago Bears are 28:1 to win the Super Bowl and the Dallas Cowboys are 14:1?  Chicago made it to the NFC Championship last year.  Dallas finished last season 6-10.

I can't say there's any TV show debuting this fall I'm that excited about.  That said, I'll watch them all anyway.

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