Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hollywood Dictionary: Volume 22

And now, a couple more entries into the Hollywood Dictionary.  If there are terms you want defined, please send them along to

Insert Arnie catch phrase
Type:  Producers are always looking for ways to keep costs down.  They do this by moving productions to Vancouver and pretending it's New York as seen in Fantastic Four and Rumble in the Bronx.  They do this by hiring unpaid interns for "food and credit."  And one other way is by hiring an actor's "Type."  Or simply put a cheaper version of the actual one.  For example, if you can't afford Arnold Schwarzenegger because he wants $15 million to beat up aliens, Libyans or some other kind of bad guy, a producer might say, "Get me an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type."  This typically results in the hiring of Roland Kickenger.  This also typically results in your movie going direct to DVD.

Talent:  Agencies are broken up in a couple of different ways.  Motion Picture versus Television is one key way.  This is obvious.  The skilled agents are on the Motion Picture side and the minor leaguers get TV.  Because real agents don't want to deal with yet another pilot season.  But then there's the other way agencies are divided -- Talent (Actors) versus Literary (Writers).  Now as a self-loathing writer running low on my meds, I immediately take offense to this because it suggests that writers have no talent.  For if we did, we too would be included in "Talent."  Of course the flip side is suggests actors are illiterate.  Which is probably true.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused, would "type" fall under "talent" or "literary"?

Anonymous said...

You are obviously confused. These are two different concepts entirely.

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