Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Administrative Professionals Week: Day 3

Every company has their own way of celebrating Administrative Professionals Week.  Some buy their support staff greeting cards.  Others take their assistants out to lunch.  And then there are those like a certain company with a $29 billion market cap that owns 170 channels and multi-platform properties (whatever those are), a movie studio with five film brands and is sitting on $1 billion in cash.  They decided the best way to show their appreciation is to email a picture of a donut (see below) rather than provide them something tangible, like an actual donut.

Some might say, "Gosh.  Aren't you being a little hard on them?  Getting donuts for all the admins would be a huge expense."  Wrong.  The company has 11,000 full-time employees.  If roughly 35 percent are support staff, that's about 4,000 employees.  If they bought a $1 donut for each of these employees that's a paltry $4,000 -- or about what the company's chairman makes every 30 minutes.

Chew on that.

Can I get a chocolate glazed 0110010001101111011011100111010101110100 instead?


Anonymous said...

Lol, at least they got something. No one has even mentioned admin. professionals week at the billion dollar corporation I work at.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what kind of lesson does this teach us about "bullshitting", as teased in Tuesday's post???

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