Friday, April 1, 2011

Deadline Hires Temp X for Administrative Support Coverage and 'Behind the Lines' Investigative Reporting

You're probably wondering why I haven't been poking fun at Nikki for a while.  Now you know why.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...



LOS ANGELES (APRIL 1, 2011) -- Penske Media Corporation (formerly Media Corporation) today announced the hiring of Hollywood Temp Diaries founder Temp X effective immediately. The anonymous blogger who founded nearly three years ago will remain undercover as he reports on administrative workforce issues while also breaking stories from 'Behind the Lines.'  Temp X will report to General Manager, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief Nikki Finke.

A temp and administrative assistant in Hollywood for nearly six years, Temp X will be able to immediately expand Deadline's current reader base into the largely untapped audience of administrative support.  For this audience, he will cover news and events including staffing moves, employment trends, labor relations and emerging talent.  Additionally, he will continue to monitor and break high-level entertainment industry news because of his position and access to inside information.

“Temp X's hiring gives us access to a whole new demographic.  Today's assistant is tomorrow's coordinator.  Tomorrow's coordinator is the day after's creative executive.  The day after's creative executive is the following day's vice president.  This is about building customer loyalty and incubating an audience from an early stage," said Jay Penske, Chairman and CEO of PMC. "We couldn’t be happier with the tremendous growth of the business to date, and have immense confidence that Temp X will bring us the future of Hollywood today.”

With the hiring of top journalism talents Film Editor/New York Editor Mike Fleming, TV Editor Nellie Andreeva, Awards Columnist Pete Hammond, London Editor Tim Adler in 2010, plus Managing Editor Patrick Hipes and Temp X, will continue to dominate the news and commentary arena in both film and television so it can remain a “must-read” for influencers and leaders in the global entertainment and media industry.

Said Finke, “I've long admired Temp X for his wry wit and dogged pursuit of the story.  He's been an inside source for much of our breaking news and now that we're formalizing our relationship, I expect great things from him and his industry contacts.  Further, his access to legions of administrative support professionals and temps brings a whole new audience.  I'm also a bit relieved because now that we're on the same team, he's no longer going to point out mistakes in my reporting.  I mean I pretty much screwed the pooch on Silverman's firing.  And that whole 'traffic jam in Culver City' thing.  Yikes.  My bad.  But I do feel incredibly lucky that Temp X is joining the Deadline team.”
Said Temp X, “ covers the entertainment industry with a tenacity and professionalism on par with my junior high school newspaper.  I know that my legions of fans will support me as I sell out to big media while still pretending to relate to their plight. Plus, while she may not look like it, Nikki is a tiger in the sack.”

Temp X has chronicled his life as a Hollywood underling for nearly three years.  Starting from humble beginnings, his website has risen to great heights, garnering coverage in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, NPR and CNBC.  The Temp Diaries is the originator of the Brown List - a ranking of Hollywood's Most-Liked and Least-Liked executives.  It also created The Bennies - the only award show recognizing the Worst in Television.  Additionally, it offers popular features such as Ask Fake Ari Emanuel, the animated series Another Day in Hollywood and the Job List.

About first began in March 2006 as Deadline Hollywood Daily, the 24/7 Internet version of Nikki Finke's long-running LA Weekly “Deadline Hollywood” print column. Her site was then purchased by PMC in 2009. is regularly included on lists of top entertainment websites. Influential industry leaders and key decision-makers across many fields track Deadline many times a day. Deadline postings regularly receive more reader comments than all of the entertainment industry news sites combined.

About PMC
PMC (formerly MMC) is a leading digital media company founded by CEO Jay Penske in 2004. The company owns and operates a unique portfolio of digital brands that provide the web's best original content in categories including entertainment, automotive, breaking news, media, finance, tech, beauty, style, and sports.,,,,,,, are all part of the PMC digital portfolio. For more information, please visit


Anonymous said...

TOLDJA! happy April Fools.

Anonymous said...

haha i was about to call you a sell out too. Good one!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Clever.

Anonymous said...

I hope she reads this from her hospital bed. LMAO!

Luke said...

Ha! I didn't notice the April 1 posting date at first and thought this was real. Good press release :)

Anonymous said...

i was about to write you off. i found your site because i was pissed with her site. people who dont have to deal with reading her for work will not understand the loathing.

Anonymous said...

i just posted but i have now read the piece.,
i knew something was off when finke was referred to as general manager, i doubt she manages anything. second tip off-they supposedly caring about support staff. third-you are still called Temp X. fourth-fink will never admit defeat. five-with your help they will continue to dominate if you could do that you would have sold something. sixth- hiring someone like you makes sense-not going to happen. seven- i recognize some of her team but others may as well have been temp x so there was some believability to the post.
if the post would have contain the phrase- shares byline with Finke, then i would have believed it wholeheartedly. excuse grammar and spelling i am having a late/early drink and xanax.

Anonymous said...

wow good thing i checked comments. i wasn't ever going to come to this site again

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