Thursday, June 24, 2010

Corporate Responsibility

My boss has no problem yelling at me.  He has no problem sending me angry emails (I've kept all of them and plan to post them the day after I quit).  He's sent me text messages at odd hours complaining of nonsense.  I don't raise a ruckus about such things.  I try to be respectful.  I recognize that entertainment is a high-stress industry.  And in return, I attempt to assuage his nerves and keep him organized through reminders of things he needs to do.  This is all a preamble (or pre-babble) to today's note...

Today my boss has what is easily his biggest meeting of the year.  It's an early morning session with a top-tier movie director.  If it goes well, it could change his fortune and his company's fortune forever.  And considering the meeting has been a moving target -- with scheduling that offered more drama than the script they're discussing -- I wanted to be doubly-sure everything was AOK.  So being the dutiful assistant I am, I sent my boss a text message early last evening to make sure he had everything he needed as it relates to the time, directions and materials.  As of this moment, I've received nary a response.  Nothing.  None.  Zip.

Should this bother me?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But I'll tell you this - when I send him a text asking him what he wants for breakfast, he responds immediately.  At least his priorities are in order.

Can I get an Egg-white only McMuffin?


Anonymous said...

Love this post--- I know I could start an entire blog about absurd personal meetings/errands and prefernces that clearly are a bigger priority to my boss than actual business.

No wonder Hollywood is doing so poorly!

Anonymous said...

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Also with all the propaganda on I think their her agent now.
Its just when your livelihood is tied to a place and someone is just looking for anything/randomly selecting and then that same person hides the facts for others I say listen to fink with a grain of salt. And I wish I was not obligated to read it.
Buzzed texting Check grammar

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